About Ocelli 

Ocelli is a privately held product start-up based in Bangalore, INDIA. Ocelli is engaged in developing occupancy and ambient light harvesting sensors and controllers. Ocelli’s quest for world-class quality and user friendliness drives its attitude towards its product development. The company plans to concentrate initially on the domestic commercial and high-end residential market as these are the natural home for its products.


Ocelli is a technology driven company with many pending patents protecting its products. Ocelli believes that progress must be in harmony with the environment.  Ocelli designs innovative products that reduces carbon footprint and saves our environment. Since its inception in 2010, Ocelli has been building reliable sensors and controls that reduce energy use while keeping user safe and comfortable. Our products range from simple ambient light harvesting on/off controls to advanced occupancy and ambient light harvesting dimming controllers. Our key market differentiators include feature like visual cue, presentation mode, fail safe mode and remote control. Ocelli designs and develops both the hardware and firmware for these products in-house.


Ocelli’s mission is to become the market leader in building sensor and control products through a combination of innovative and high quality user friendly products at an affordable price. Ocelli will be known as the leading provider of sensor and control products for green energy buildings.